Paris Lees

…is right proper Northern. She used to be a prostitute. She’s spent time in jail. She used to be a man. She’s managed to parlay these few vaguely interesting facts into quite the meeja career so that now, she’s the go-to transwoman for broadsheet newspapers like the Graun, the Indy and the Telegraph; she’s even popped up on the telly a few times, notably Question Time. How this has happened is beyond me because she really is a terrible writer. It couldn’t be because she’s exotic, in that way that middle class media people who don’t get out much think exotic means, could it? Surely not!

But being a bit of a dull writer would be OK if only the content of her work was worth the candle. Take a look at her latest piece for the Telegraph on transgender bullying. Evidence-free statements and false, inflammatory accusations all wrapped up in prose with all the sparkle of an instruction manual for a Ford Focus. Of course, the rise in transgender bullying which she claims is happening, on the basis of nothing but a story in the paper, is all down to her pet hates: women with an opinion like Jenni Murray and doctors who don’t kowtow to trans orthodoxy like Kenneth Zucker. It seems it’s not enough that Zucker was bullied out of his job and his reputation by trans activists spreading lies about him, he is forever to be paraded on a tumbril as a heretic. Lees knows damn well that the “conversion therapy” she accuses him of practising is nothing like the kind of horrors that were unleashed on gay men in an attempt to make them straight, but she never clarifies what she means, knowing that the words themselves will conjure up images of electric shocks and injections of emetics.

So, not only a terrible writer but a terrible person too.

But hey, she’s a right proper Northern ex-prostitute, ex-con transwoman so she’s untouchable.