New Year, new me

I haven’t yet decided what I’ll use this place for. Social media has been rather anti-social for me lately, largely on my account, because I’ve used it to poke fun at the pieties of the bien pensants, weeping over Brexit, hating Trump and hearting the NHS. Sadly, some of my friends cling to these very pieties, which means my various rants have been met with a – well let’s say VARIABLE reaction and unfriending, blocking or other unseemly behaviour has followed closely on (most of it committed by me, it has to be said).

So, I thought perhaps I need a container for all that, rather than jeopardising what little social life I have left by pissing people off in this manner. That way, people can avoid enduring my bilious whinging, or they can bathe in the bile, whichever suits.

Blogs are famously like talking down a big hole, and even more so if your posts are of the TLDR kind, so I’ll keep things brief and shan’t expect much by way of interaction.